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IKON Cooking ITG-36 36” Thermostat Griddle



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Spec Sheet


The IKON Griddle stands out as a gas-powered countertop griddle crafted for commercial kitchens. Spanning 36 inches in width and 34.4 inches in depth, it caters to medium to large-scale food preparation endeavors.

Featuring an adjustable manual thermostatic control, this griddle empowers users to tailor the cooking temperature to their exact specifications. A front lit pilot light signals when the griddle is operational. Sporting three U-shape burners, each delivering 30,000 BTUs of heat, this griddle ensures uniform heat distribution across the 1-inch polished steel griddle plate, guaranteeing consistent cooking outcomes. It also boasts three gas control knobs for precise control over each burner.

Safety and efficiency are further enhanced by double wall insulated sides, which aid in heat retention and diminish external heat transfer. Welded back and side splash guards prevent grease and food particles from splashing. A rear flue is incorporated to maintain proper ventilation.

For hassle-free maintenance, the griddle includes a removable 3-1/4 inch grease drawer with a weep hole and baffle, facilitating efficient grease collection and drainage. Additionally, a 4-inch wide grease trough directs grease away from the cooking surface. Housed in a stainless steel cabinet, this griddle ensures durability and ease of cleaning. Supported by stainless steel adjustable legs with non-skid feet, it offers stability and level placement.

With a total output of 90,000 BTUs, this griddle delivers robust cooking capabilities. Certified by CSA-Sanitation, CSA Star, and CSA Flame, it adheres to safety and sanitation standards.

In summary, the IKON Griddle provides precise temperature control, efficient heat distribution, and convenient maintenance features, making it a dependable choice for commercial cooking needs.

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Height (in) 15.5” Depth (in) 34.4”
Width (in) 36” Cooking Area in Inches - (W x D) 36” W X 20.5” D
Footprint in Inches - (W x D) 35.5”W x 21.0”D Net Weight (lb) 198 lb
Shipping Weight (lb) 242 lb


Material Stainless Steel Number Of Burners 3
Temperature Range 200F-450F Total BTU’s 90000
BTU’s Per Burner 30000 Controller Thermostatic


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